Shaders & struggles

This module I set multiple portfolio goals for myself. Most of which have gone pretty well and I’ll make a post about it later in detail. But I first wanted to make a quick post about my shaders.

I wanted to explore shader graph in unity HDRP. But so far I spent half my time just working out how to get my shaders working in the scene. Which is not helpful with motivation. But atleast the shader creation process is easy and fun. And I can see my shaders in action. I have taken the challenge of not using any tutorials to make them. And just experiment and see what works. It doesn’t always give great results. But I feel a lot more accoplished about the finished product. Which definetly counts for something. I will continue to update as soons as I start working on it again 🙂

Update: As soon as I made this post I figured out how to change the shaders in the scene. I feel silly but atleast I am happy I got it working 🙂

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