Personal Work

Personal Project Portfolio Update 4

After working on characters for a while I wanted to go back to hard surface modelling for a bit. In order to not lose that skill, and to see how it would go in Blender. Since I previously only modelled in maya.

And I wanted to explore something completely new, Ziva dynamics. Which is a plugin for maya which allows you to simulate skin and tissue for character animation. Which I knew would be challening so I tried to set the bar a bit lower. But I got excited about the prospect of using a character I made, which made it a lot more challening.

Minor Character art (august 2020 – may 2021)

Currently I am working on my minor skilled. Where I pick my own subject and focus on improving those skills. Currently I am focusing on character art. And first focused on improving my human and animal anatomy. Now I am working on creating a finished character and companion designed by me.

Character Art

Game jam 2020

Game download page

Facial sculpting research

Based on a concept by: Pedro Krüger Garci

Concept art visual research

Project work

Every quartile we work on a 2/3 week project. Where we work full time on a game or interactive product. It has allowed me to practice working in a multi disicipline team.

These are some snippets of the previous projects. Containing both 2d and 3d assets.

This is a video I made with my team as a trailer for a project.

Personal projects

Things I made in my free time to practice the things I enjoy doing. Like sculpting in ZBrush.

Other work

Projects that I worked on individually

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