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I’ve learned over decades of building that a deadline is a potent tool for problem-solving.

Adam Savage

  • Sculpting for days

    13 november 2019 door

    The thing that captured most of my attention the last month has definetly been ZBrush. I have never used a digital sculpting tool before and BOY I love using it. I have spent countless hours on my sculpt for a sculpting class. But also worked on some projects on the side. These are some of… Meer informatie

  • Figure drawing

    13 november 2019 door

    The last couple of weeks I have also focused on improving my figure drawing skills. Because while I have been drawing since I was little. Most of that was focused on drawing wildlife rather than humans. And I found it a skill worth of improvement. So I have attended a masterclass along with drawing a… Meer informatie

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